About us

Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Association (Armenia) has acting since 2003 and officially established in 2005.

It is NGO involved in national and international level issues concerning adult education and lifelong learning. AELLL aims to develop and institutionalize quality adult education system in the Republic of Armenia through active stakeholder involvement, and to contribute to develop of the professionalism of Adult Educators within Country. Thanks to its diverse membership, AELLL also serves as a platform for civil society consultation in developing national policies concerned with adult education and lifelong learning as well as for developing social partnerships in the area in question.

A number of Projects financed by EU, dvv International, UNDP were successfully completed during these ten years by AELLL, i.e. Adult Education Weeks in Armenia, Establishing of Adult Education Centers in regions, Support to the Educational Reform in Armenia, etc. Since 2012 AELLL has been conducting a series of public discussion/meetings “To Learn of Wisdom”, which pursues the objective of preserving cultural heritage. The discussions foster open intellectual exchange and are frequented by seniors and students.